A Journey to Stonehenge

Part One

(Currently unedited)

The idea to visit Stonehenge was one derived from that spontaneous side of people, where dreams are alive and the fuel is carefree adventure.   I had just taken my daughter into school and as i walked back to my partners car i realised id always wanted to go.  Actually doing it was Anna’s idea, so we gathered supply’s in the form of chocolates and water and headed down to Stonehenge using Anna’s iPhone 4S as a guided star.

We took pictures, we listened to music, we enjoyed the views for what turned into a 6 hour drive, etching with excitement.  We stopped off 2 or 3 times at the services for loo breaks and we powered on strong, Anna at the helm and me trying to take pictures of us both whilst she was focusing on driving.  It didn’t feel like 6 hours at the time, with every passing minute i knew we were getting closer and closer to our goal, or at least i assumed we were one cant put much faith in technology as old as an iphone 4s but to be fair to the old dog it got us to where we wanted to be.

I remember coming down a hill and a left bend and the stones were massive on the right of us, excitement picked up in the air.  it was starting to get dark at this point, we pulled round to where the GPS directed us and found a closed gate, we decided to park up and go on foot, not really thinking much of it.  this was until some security guard came to tell us to do one,  he informed us we could see the stones down some dirt road back the way we came, so we attempted to drive round to that.

It wasn’t much closer than we were when we passed it and that wasn’t enough for us, every picture we took looked further still. For some reason phone cameras have a way of making everything seem further away.

I cant really remember in which order this happened, so ill just say we want to Tesco for more supplies at one point.  either before or after that though…

Me and Anna got talking to an elderly couple who had decided to stop off at Stonehenge themselves.  they seemed content with not being allowed closer, me and Anna had counted at least two security guards patrolling around the stones.  We decided to make a run for them, leaping over the wire fence we started our speed walk (we decided it would look better than running, maybe draw less attention),  we got close and closer, walking over the darkened field, and the stones got bigger and bigger.  We passed a strange stone circle at one point and the stones were literally right there in front of us when we were suddenly lit up by a torch light, and some, what i can only describe as a moody security guard came over to tell us he was calling the police if he didn’t leave.   We asked politely if we could just have a quick look to which he replied he was “calling the police”.  So we asked if he was already calling the police we should just be able to go have a look.

The Angry little security man got madder still and eventually we were saved by some calmer less annoyed security.

We didn’t get to ‘see’ the stones as such that day, but we got to be by them, we also got to see the sun rise over them because we slept in the car on the dirt road.  Some good did come of the journey, as the calm security told us about summer solstice and how it would be free to see the stones then.  So we concocted a plan…


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